Pluralistic: Linkty Dumpty (15 July 2023)

Originally published at: Pluralistic: Linkty Dumpty (15 July 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Coke and Disney, he says, a “moat” was "the fact that nobody else could make such a great product

The people pay and pay, in an ocean of propaganda, all their lives, until they can somehow put coke or disney in the same sentence as great and never consider how insane and sad that is.

This is how America – the birthplace of the internet – ended up with some of the world’s slowest, most expensive broadband, even after handing out tens of billions of dollars in subsidies. Those subsidies were gobbled up by greedy, awful phone companies – these ones must be spent wisely, on long-lasting, long-overdue fiber infrastructure.

They’re always told they “must”, and somehow there are never consequences.

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